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Guaranteed And Consistent Supply

We understand how crucial a reliable supply of APIs is for you. We take our suppliers' stock visibility very seriously. Due to our large network, there’s high chance that you will find the API stock nearby. We even invest in inventory of frequently moving molecules. We free you, to focus on what you are good at - your business operations.

Market-Beating Exclusive Price

The unique demand aggregation model of gives us high negotiating power. With strong supplier relationships, APIdrug sources the best prices and often holds inventory at different locations globally, for fast-moving molecules. That’s how we get you the best deals without compromising on product quality.

Global Quality Standards

In today’s situation, one bad batch can cost you millions of dollars. And lose the trust of your precious customers. APIdrug, in partnership with SGS and Intertek, tests the products upfront in labs with global quality standards. We verify all documents provided by the suppliers. So that you NEVER have to worry about the quality and reliability of the products.

Affordable Financing Options

APIdrug's global marketplace offers some of the cheapest financing options in the industry, enabling you to benefit from economies of scale. Our flexible payment terms help you manage cash flow and invest in business growth. Our fast and hassle-free financing process has helped thousands of customers worldwide to increase profitability. Choose APIdrug to access affordable financing options and stay ahead of the competition.

How It Works ?

Spot Buying

View the latest spot prices effortlessly, in real-time, on your screen! We will handle the logistics, financing, and fulfillment for you. Buy what you need, when you need it, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll source the best prices, negotiate with sellers, and proactively plan our procurement process so you can relax!

Bulk Deals

With APIdrug, you have the power to access large group buying deals by joining other buyers who share your needs. This helps you save money by securing lower-than-market prices and hedging against future price changes. This service is especially helpful for proactive companies that plan their procurement ahead of time.

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